Kimberly Compton


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Kimberly Compton never dreamed that life would make her an actress or a singer.  Her parents obviously had some premonition about her theatrical aptitude and, at a young age, aptly nicknamed her "Sara Heartburn."  She began performing in musical theatre as Amaryllis in Music Man at age 7 and was hooked.

When she wasn't singing in school, theatre or church, Kimberly was doing something completely different--riding horses.  She was an active competitor in Three-Day Eventing with realistic hopes of becoming an Olympian, since she was ranked 22nd in the nation. She earned the money to purchase her Olympic dream horse by teaching riding lessons and retraining racehorses off the track to sell. But her new Olympic prospect injured her in a riding accident in 1999 that ended both the dream and her riding career.  Oddly enough, the horse that injured her was named Kismet--Celtic for "Fate."

During a long winter of recuperation, Kimberly rediscovered herself in music and theater. She recorded her first demo CD, auditioned and was accepted to study voice with renowned vocal coach Don Lawrence of New York. Don works with many top artists including Bono of U2, the Rolling Stones, Marc Anthony, Christina Aguilera and 3 Doors Down. Don encouraged her to write her own music, and she discovered a talent for that as well, recording a CD of her own compositions in 2000. She began performing her music locally to enthusiastic audiences, while keeping her hand in theater by acting in musicals as well. Kimberlys original songs, Invisible and Eternity are two crowd favorites.  Her new single, Darkened City, has caught the attention of critics, record labels and music lovers alike.  She is currently performing that and other new material in venues all over the NYC area.

Kimberly has been featured on television and appears in several movies, including Hysterical Blindness which aired in August 2002 on HBO with Uma Thurman. She was a featured singer in May 2002 on Good Morning America, where she performed with six former child stars and host Charles Gibson as backup. Waterbury Republican critic Joanne Rochman invites her readers to "share the excitement of watching a rising star explode upon the entertainment scene," describing Kimberly as "no flash in the pan. In addition to some serious talent, theres a sense of mystery about her that is intriguing."

Kimberly plays piano as well as guitar, and has studied acting with Robin Morse of New York. She is an accomplished dancer, and has choreographed several Connecticut shows. She has done Off-Broadway shows (Most recently, Steps Along the Path), and has most recently re-entered the recording studio, teaming up with Dance Music Phenoms, John Campos and Themi Charambolous of Powerhouse Entertainment and Big City Groove.  Her first single is due to drop in early 2006.

Kimberly knows that her future will include music, whether in rock, film or on the stage. Her philosophy is that the only way to predict the future is to create it--and Kimberly intends to do just that.